After 30 years and more than 1000 commercials, we must be doing something right.

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Brand & Agency Relations

Whenever you mix creativity with commerce, things can get a little tangled. That’s why we’re experts when it comes to streamlining communication and ironing-out creative production wrinkles. Brands love us because we always have their best interests at heart. Agencies love us because we speak their language. It’s a win/win. 

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In-House Creative & Production

Sure, we play well with others, but we’re also fully capable of rolling up our sleeves and doing all the content creation ourselves to fulfill your production needs. We can develop and produce commercial campaigns for global brands across a range of genres for TVC as well as across all digital and social platforms. 

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Creative Consulting

You’ve got creative problems? We’ve got creative solutions. Go ahead and pick our brain for all your production needs.

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Talent, Celebrity & Licensing

Procurement of artists, music licensing and property licenses can bring creative to life in the most exciting and culturally relevant ways. Navigating the negotiation process requires a well versed advocate to guide your team through the talent negotiation process-from talent selection, contract negotiation, understanding SAG, and other production and post production needs. We make sure your creative is enhanced by adding a celebrity, iconic property or well-loved song to your creative. Having worked with the changing landscape of celebrity endorsements for well over 30 years, we constantly strive to provide the best terms for our clients when celebrity procurement is needed, relying on our long-standing and reputable contacts with talent management.

In case you like money, we’ll help you keep more of it or spend it in the right place.

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Fiscal Management

We’re like fiscal ninjas, efficiently securing and maintaining the budget you need to get the job done (without compromising quality). Specifically, we can help with assessing agency bid specifications, analyzing production bids & post-production estimates, preventing cost oversights, managing scope creep, and working with creative production teams to make your wildest content-creation dreams come true. 

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Tax Incentives

The film industry has been pioneering tax incentives programs, particularly in the last 6 years of commercial production. We understand the ins and outs of getting returns on things like camera talent residuals and celebrity fees. You could be saving upwards of 15-20% of the total production budget. This process varies greatly from state to state so we’ve paired up with one of the leading experts in tax incentive programs to help get you the best returns.

So what can we do for your brand? The real question is, what can’t we do?

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"I’ve worked with Direct Focus for over 10 years and have found them to be an indispensable partner. They bring expertise and years of experience to production, helping us become more efficient and effective in our advertising. In addition, they are highly collaborative and work well across agencies and partners. I highly recommend Direct Focus to any marketer looking to deliver high quality content in the most efficient way possible."
Stacy Taffet

Vice President Brand Marketing, Frito Lay at PepsiCo

"Direct focus immeasurably improves the quality of any creative project they touch, while reducing costs. The result is more effective AND efficient campaigns - a marketer’s dream."
Linda Bethea

Head of Marketing, Danone