For over three decades, top brands have entrusted us to oversee their biggest productions and help create
award-winning content.

Acting as brands’ in-house production advisors, Direct Focus collaborates with agencies and production companies to optimize creative, increase the speed of production, and deliver greater value at a lower cost.



Relax, your brand’s in good hands now.

We’re not gonna lie: commercial production is a lot of fun, but it can also be challenging. Thankfully, we have extensive experience working with the world’s top brands. We know how to navigate the ups and downs along the way during pre-production, shooting, and post-production, negotiating at every stage.

  • Creative Consulting

    You’ve got creative problems? We’ve got creative solutions. From choosing agencies to work with, to storyboard enhancement to working with VFX companies to represent the brand in post-production, we can fulfill on all your creative production needs.

  • Brand & Agency Relations

    Whenever you mix creativity with commerce, things can get a little tangled. That’s why we’re experts when it comes to streamlining communication and ironing-out creative production wrinkles. Brands love us because we always have their best interests at heart. Agencies love us because we speak their language. It’s win/win.

  • Talent, Celebrity & Licensing

    Procurement of Artists, music licensing and property licenses can bring creative to life in the most exciting and culturally relevant ways. From Talent selection, contract negotiation, understanding SAG and other production and post production needs, we make sure your Creative is enhanced by adding a Celebrity, iconic property or well-loved song to your creative, not burdened or by an overpriced or underwhelming experience.

  • Fiscal Management & Tax Incentives

    We’re like fiscal ninjas, efficiently securing and maintaining the budget you need to get the job done (without compromising quality). Specifically, we can help with assessing agency bid specifications, analyzing production bids & post-production estimates, preventing cost oversights, and working with creative production teams to make your wildest content-creation dreams come true.

  • In-House Creative & Production

    Sure, we play well with others, but we’re also fully capable of rolling up our sleeves and doing all the content creation ourselves to fulfill on your production needs. We can develop and produce commercial campaigns for global brands across a range of genres, TV series for virtually every network and across all digital platforms.

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    We’ve never met a project we couldn’t crush.

    Founded in 1990 as the US branch of Barry Rosen Productions, we have produced award-winning commercials for some of the world’s top brands with cutting edge post-production and sound facilities in Johannesburg, Geneva, London, and New York.

    We’re here to make your wildest content-creation dreams come true.

    We work hard to get these kinds of compliments…

    "Direct Focus immeasurably improves the quality of any creative project they touch, while reducing costs. The result is more effective AND efficient campaigns - a marketer’s dream."
    Linda Bethea

    Head of Marketing, Danone

    "Barry Rosen and Direct Focus are incredible partners and best - in - class with respect to developing breakthrough creative while carefully managing production costs. Barry and his team work tirelessly with the client team, the agency team and the production company (including director) throughout the process in service of meeting the client needs while not sacrificing creativity or impact. The annals of advertising excellence are covered with amazing work from Barry and his team."
    Seth Kaufman

    President & CEO, Moët Hennessy - North America
    "Direct Focus has been an essential part of our marketing team at Pepsi for years, as their deep expertise in production and the creative process continues to take our work to new heights. We couldn’t ask for better partners."
    Todd Kaplan

    VP Marketing, PepsiCo